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Technical Feasibility

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Leverage our rich resource of specialists to reach market faster and achieve product-line success.

You need a partner to collaborate with you on holistic technical feasibility studies. You want to apply industry-leading innovation and technology to build quality and cost-efficiency into your process.

Connect with our expert team of food product/process developers and food safety specialists. You’ll unlock fresh innovation and solve technical hurdles to avoid being derailed at the end of product development. Profit from assessment during early concept evaluation and screening to:

  • Guide Development Efforts
  • Minimise Risks and Inefficiencies
  • Evaluate Concepts Based on Technical Feasibility

Scientific Approach

“Paper Process” Research uncovers potential hurdles and opportunities via food industry and academic research. Then, “Hands-on Exploration identifies and minimises technical hurdles with bench-top or pilot-scale base formulations. We provide:

  • Emerging Technologies, Patent Limitations and Ingredient Solutions
  • Nutritional Targets, Formulation or Processing Options, Ingredient Costs and Shelf Life
  • High-Level Assessment of Co-Packer Availability
  • Food Product, Process and Package Interactions
  • Ingredient Costs and Nutritional Content
  • Concept Fit and Refinement Opportunities
  • Food Manufacturing Options and Risk Plus Benefits
  • Disaster-Check and Shelf-Life Studies