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Integrated Product Development

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Save time and money. Position your product for success.

Product development is harder than ever. With consumer tastes becoming so fragmented, your development program needs to be on-target if you’re going to succeed in today’s constantly-changing marketplace. Integrated Product Development can save you time and money, while positioning you for success.

Collaboration. It’s the key to a successful product design approach:

  • Engaging consumers early to drive ideation
  • The right technical input at each step so you develop products ready to manufacture
  • One team working together without boundaries

All of this will be delivered by our talented, cross-functional team of experts, with a strong technical focus at every stage of development. When you partner with Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation, our experts in Product Development, Consumer and Sensory Research, Process Design and Food Safety Consulting will collaborate with you to become a true extension of your team. At Eurofins, we aren’t just your doing partner, we’re your thinking partner. Contact us today to learn more.