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Other Authenticity Testing

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Additional Parameters

Other parameters for food authenticity available through our European labs include:

  • fruit juice and derived products: detection of addition of sugar, water, colourings, aromas or other undeclared additives and determination of fruit content
  • maple syrup: detection of addition of sugar, water, colourings, aromas or other undeclared additives.
  • wines or ciders: detection of chaptalisation, sugaring, dilution or addition of glycerol, checking the process used in sparkling products, conformity to the isotopic profile
  • spirits or beers: control of the botanical origin of the alcohol, detection of addition of water, sugars or flavours according to current regulations and/or product specifications
  • flavours: checking whether a flavour is natural such as vanilla, aniseed, bitter almond, cinnamon, linalool
  • caffeine: checking for natural or synthetic sources in tea, coffee or guarana-containing drinks
  • dairy products: confirmation of the main feed used, such as grass or maize silage, detection of the addition of lipids, lactose or casein and check flavourings such as fruit, vanilla. For dairy products we offer Low Level Lactose determination. For more information see our Low Level Lactose Flyer [PDF 694 Kb].
  • cereals: confirmation of the variety
  • basmati or jasmine rice: quantification of the basmati and/or Thai Jasmine rice present in a batch.

For more information about Eurofins food testing services please contact our sales team on 0845 604 6740 or make an enquiry.