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Process Development

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Let’s develop a process that fulfils your brand promise for a fresh tasting, visually pleasing and regulatory-compliant product.

You want to accelerate new product introduction with a process that helps you deliver flavourful, appealing and safe products to your customers. You need scientific and technical expertise plus a cutting-edge pilot plant to develop your process and prepare for full-scale production.

Our team of process engineers and food scientists can help address your most complex needs:

  • Process Design
  • Prototype Production
  • Manufacturing Process Development

Pilot Plant Capabilities

Move your new product concept through a pilot plant trial that simulates real-life production. Develop a manufacturing process that yields a gold- standard product, increases production efficiency and ensures regulatory compliance. Our local authority and FDA licensed pilot plant helps you batch and package fresh-tasting foods, process for commercial sterility and then release for consumer taste testing or consumption. Integrated services include:

  • Process Schedule Development
  • Process Authority and Thermal Process Validation
  • Pilot Plant Trials
  • Equipment And Systems Evaluation
  • Hot Fill, Retort and HTST Processing
  • Beverage, UHT, Pasteurisation and Carbonation
  • Cans, Bottles, Pouches, Cups, Trays, Metal, Plastic and Glass
  • Co-Packer Identification and Assessment
  • Food Production Start-Up