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Guides and Q&A's

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PASS Cooking Validation (663KB)

  • Q&A with Head of PASS, Liz Moran

Animal By-Products - know your responsibilities (800KB)

  • Q&A with Group Microbiology Technical Manager, Chris Hudson

Exploring the role of technology and supplier responsibilities in tackling food fraud (807KB)

  • Introduction and Background
  • The role of Blockchain
  • Global Food Safety and the importance of collaboration
  • The role of science
  • The need for training
  • A need for increased controls

Seven step guide to Food and Water testing with Eurofins (836KB)

  • Why do I need testing?
  • Why choose Eurofins
  • What services do you offer?
  • How do I know what testing I need?
  • How will I get my results?
  • Learn more
  • How do I get started?

Emerging organisms of concern

Emerging organisms of concern - When is the right time to start testing? (935KB)

  • Issues
  • Ensuring the safety of our food
  • Organisms of concern
Analysis of chemical contaminants

Analysis of chemical contaminants in foods - quantifying the unknown (1MB)

  • Recent issues
  • Emerging issues
  • Analytical challenges
  • Solutions
  • Outcome

Food Safety Modernization Act - final rule for preventative controls for human food (1.6MB)

  • Background
  • Who is covered by the PCAF?
  • What about Human food by-products for use as animal food?
  • Food Safety Plan
  • Compliance Dates
  • Training and Qualified Individuals
  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Enforcement