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Asbestos is a collective name for a number of silicate minerals which occur naturally and consist of fine, microscopic fibres. In the past asbestos was mainly used as a building material and this has left its mark. Not only buildings built before 1994 may contain asbestos, but it can also be found in soil.

Eurofins can analyse bulk materials, soil samples and complete fibre counts. We analyse all types of suspect samples to UK and European legal standards, including the SCA Blue Book method for asbestos in soils

Eurofins Inventory of Hazardous Materials is active in the maritime market. Our experts board ships to compile surveys of not only asbestos but also other hazardous materials.

Eurofins is officially recognised and accredited to perform these analyses. You can find more information about our accreditation and analysis capabilities on our download page.

For further information contact your account or mail us at environmental-testing-uk@eurofins.com.

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