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Environmental Testing

Our History

Eurofins was founded in 1987 and started from humble beginnings, as a small lab testing sulphates for the wine industry. In less than 30 years Eurofins has gone on to become the largest global provider of analytical services with over 25,000 staff across a lab network in 39 countries across six continents.

Environmental testing

A clean, safe environment is a pre-requisite for health and quality of life. Eurofins Environmental Testing UK contributes to this by providing market leading laboratory testing and monitoring services to a wide range of industrial companies, environmental consultants, contractors, retailers and government authorities. Our service comprises of the testing of water, air, soils, waste and other products to assess their quality and impact on health and the environment.


The lab

Eurofins performs many millions of tests each year providing our clients with clear, reliable accredited test results enabling their businesses to make informed decisions, allowing them to adhere to the latest environmental legislation. Our environmental testing facility is the largest in Europe and cannot be matched in scale, instrumentation or efficient process provision by any other UK testing provider. This means that the inevitable instrument breakdowns that occur in laboratories have minimal impact on our process allowing us to continue to deliver your results on time, delivering our promise to you.

Our offering

Eurofins provides Europe’s most extensive range of environmental testing to the consultancy and remediation sectors. We work in partnership with our clients from project concept through to reporting to ensure a seamless, easy to use and reliable service is provided.

What you get

• The fastest standard turnaround times available in the UK
• Excellent on time delivery
• Competitive rates
• ISO17025 accreditation
• Access to industry experts
• Dedicated & proactive customer service
• Tailored logistics solutions

Here at Eurofins Environmental testing UK; we believe that reliability, excellence in customer service and fast turnaround times should come as standard in the UK as it does in continental Europe and the USA.

The Analyses

We have over 130,000 test methods within our testing portfolio.
For environmental Soils and Waters we provide the following as well as many specialist tests:

• Metals
• Anions
• Cyanide compounds
• TPHcwg
• Banded EPH
• PCB’s
• Pesticides & Herbicides

The Kit

By partnering with Eurofins our clients gain access an unparalleled array of analytical instrumentation in Eurofins group including:
• >700 GC
• >800 GCMS
• >30 High resolution GCMS
• >900 HPLC
• >300 LC-MS/MS
• >250 ICP

Online Results

At Eurofins we understand that we no longer live in a 9 - 5 world. That's why all results, including real time data can be accessed 24/7 through Eurofins online portal.Through the portal customers can also export results to a range of formats, conduct trend analysis and schedule testing. Customer feedback on the system has been positive with "time saving" and the "elimination of transcription errors" cited as two key benefits.


Eurofins has a wide range of ISO17025 analysis and is fully UKAS compliant. Quite simply we are the fastest and most reliable analytical provider to the UK. 

Please contact our sales team for more information:
Phone: 01623 420 460