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Sexual Offences

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EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES provides a comprehensive range of forensic services to police forces, sexual assault referral centres and the Crown Prosecution Service, thus providing advice, support and services from the outset of a case, during the investigation and through to successful outcomes at prosecution.

EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES Sexual Offence Forensic Advisors are in place to provide local specialist advice and support, around the clock, to:

  • Sexual assault referral centres
  • Police forces
  • Crown Prosecution Service

The benefits of EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES's enhanced sexual offence services are:

  • Victim focused approach
  • Forensic services employed at the beginning of the investigation
  • Advice and support 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Maximum forensic potential is realised in a timely and financially focused manner
  • Improved outcome through holistic engagement