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Biological Traces

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EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES biological trace services cover the full range of human body fluids and tissues that can be transferred through contact between people, clothing, weapons and other items. These include:

  • Body fluids: blood, saliva, semen and excretion products
  • Body tissues: hair, skin flakes, nails, teeth and bone

We use a range of chemical and physical enhancement techniques and pioneered the routine use of luminol – a chemi-luminescent substance that glows in the dark when it comes into contact with blood. 
Blood pattern analysis

Patterns in blood and other staining are often critical in establishing how body fluids have been transferred. This can help to resolve conflicting accounts by determining, for example, whether someone assaulted a victim or was simply going to their aid.  Pattern analysis is also fundamental in deciding what samples to take for DNA analysis in order to establish whom the body fluid could belong to. 

Our experts can recover different sorts of samples from numerous backgrounds, allowing us to maximise testing opportunities from the smallest traces of material.