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Drugs of Abuse

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EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES offers a range of purpose-built and bespoke solutions to identify, analyse and interpret all types of drugs of abuse. 

Purpose-built packages provide rapid, cost effective routine analysis and interpretation. These services include identification, weight and purity analysis to support simple possession cases, test purchase operations and searches to reveal drugs concealed in everyday items.

Extra support is available for more complex enquiries, including site visits to cannabis grow rooms and suspected illicit laboratories, and enhanced analysis in the lab to identify new types of drugs or to explore links between drug seizures and establish chains of supply. 

Analyses are used sequentially on a mix-and-match basis to suit individual cases and to keep costs down. They include full drug profiling to identify adulterants and cutting agents as well as principal drug components, and examination and analysis of drug packaging. 

Packaging can provide particularly powerful links between drug seizures, people and places - augmented by other types of evidence such as DNA, fingerprints and clothing fibres that may be associated with it.

We also run Home Office-approved training courses to enable police personnel to carry out screening tests for commonly encountered drugs, to recognise different types of drugs and take the best samples for analysis.