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Quality Policy Statement

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Quality Policy Statement

3.0       Quality Policy

It is the policy of Eurofins Product Testing Services Limited to achieve and maintain the highest standard of quality in all aspects of its work. The Quality Policy Statement is issued under the authority of the Managing Director of Eurofins Product Testing Services Limited.

The purpose of the quality system is:

  • To ensure the requirements of BS EN ISO 17025:2017 General Requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories are met in as many areas as possible and especially whenever the system is used (those methods accredited) 
  • To ensure that the requirements of BS EN ISO 17020: 2012, the EA Guidance on the Horizontal requirements for the accreditation of Notified Bodies for Toys is met whenever the system is used
  • To ensure the needs of clients are fully understood and met
  • To ensure the procedures selected are up to date, fit for purpose, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our reports

The objectives of the quality system are:

  • To ensure the continued development, implementation and maintenance of the quality system and to continually seek improvements in its effectiveness
  • To report results accurately and unambiguously in a timely manner; to seek improvements in the service provided to clients; to continually review the determinations offered to clients continue to meet the needs of the industry
  • To ensure that all testing work that is carried out internally is conducted in an unbiased and impartial manner, using sound scientific judgement based on knowledge of international regulations and experience
  • To meet customers’ requirements in terms of turn-around time, sample collection & reliability of service
  • To ensure full traceability throughout the sample handling process and to ensure sample handling procedures and environmental conditions do not affect the result; to look for improvements in our procedures and facilities to improve organisation and workflow
  • To use internal audits and other checks to ensure the quality system continues to comply with requirements; to ensure problems are investigated promptly, the root cause established and effective action taken to prevent a recurrence
  • To seek to improve communication (internal and with clients) to ensure information is made available as rapidly as possible to those who need it
  • To monitor subcontractors and suppliers to ensure quality standards are not jeopardised

It is the intention of the Eurofins Product Testing Services to provide clients with the highest quality service.

It is the responsibility of all staff to familiarise themselves with the contents of this manual and associated documents and to comply at all times with the company’s procedures and policies.

The Managing Director have overall responsibility for the implementation of the quality policy, the provision of resources needed to ensure the quality of company operations, and for ensuring that wherever possible the practices of ISO 17025 for General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, and ISO 17020 standard for inspection activities are met. This includes a commitment to continuous improvement of the quality system and a commitment that the integrity of the quality system shall be maintained when changes to the system are planned & implemented.

The Quality Manager is responsible for the control of quality, and monitors and advises on all aspects of the quality system.


September 2019