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Eurofins Consumer Product Testing

Eurofins Product Testing UK provides consumer product testing, certification and consulting on the quality and safety of products to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Our expertise encompasses a multitude of national and international specifications & regulations.

As a worldwide leading group of laboratories, we are able to provide an unparalleled range of analytical testing services. Our customers benefit from tailor-made solutions that guarantee compliance with regulatory requirements at each step of a product's life cycle.

If you need testing, or are unsure about consumer product testing regulations, Eurofins is the ideal partner with the knowledge and experience to ensure your products are safe and compliant for the worldwide market place.

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Our fields of expertise in the UK

Eurofins Digital Testing

With offices in the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Poland and Hong Kong, Eurofins Digital Testing has a strong heritage in providing test tooling, test services and test labs for broadcasters, the consumer electronics industry and semiconductor suppliers around the world. We deliver services on every continent that include:

Test Labs, Quality Assurance and Certification Services
We provide in-house testing services for a wide range of industry standards and technologies that include HbbTV, DVB, ATSC 3.0, Cinavia, CI Plus and more.

Test Tools: Off the Shelf and Custom
Ensure quality, interoperability and standards conformance with our extensive range of data driven test tools for key technologies such as HbbTV 2.0, Android, DVB, ATSC 3.0 CI Plus 1.4 and many more of the most commonly used IT standards.

Test Experts and Managers: In-House Specialists for your Business
Get to market more quickly by using our test experts and managers to support and train your in-house team. With extensive test experience across a range of industries, we will ensure your device, software or technology is a success in the marketplace.

Our fields of expertise in the UK

  • Digital/Media/Software
  • E&E (Electrical & Electronics)

Our services in the region

  • Testing Labs, Quality Assurance and Certification Services
    • HbbTV  (Registered HbbTV Test Centre)
    • DTT
    • DVB
    • CI Plus (The official LLP Approved CI Plus Test Centre)
    • EnergyStar and IEC 62087 Power testing
    • Wi-Fi
    • DLNA
    • MirrorLink
    • USB
    • Dolby, MPEG, HE-AAC audio testing for DVB, HbbTV and connected devices HDMI/HDCP
    • HDMI
  • Test Tools: Off the Shelf and Custom
    • Open Test Automation Infrastructure
    • Regional Profile Testing for Broadcast Certification
    • Custom Test Tool Design & Development
  • Test Experts and Managers: Your In-House Specialists
    • Junior, Medior, Senior & Expert Test Specialists to Support Your Projects
    • Test Management, Coordination, Execution & Analysis
    • Expert Training Anywhere in the World
  • Training in digital television, testing and compliance technologies
Industries we serve, worldwide
  • Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Home Textiles
  • Automotive & Aerospace
  • Construction & Building
  • Cosmetics
  • Décor & Seasonal
  • Detergents & Druggist Sundries
  • Digital, Media, Software
  • DIY, Home Improvement, Garden, Car
  • E&E (Electrical & Electronics)
  • Furniture
  • Household, Food Contact, Pets
  • Machinery, Equipment, Plants
  • Medical Equipment & Devices
  • Miscellaneous (any product range)
  • Packaging (regular and food contact)
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Renewable Energy Products & Parts
  • Sport, Outdoor, Leisures, Loisirs et Extérieurs
International service scope
  • Audits
  • ATEX
  • Clinique
  • Certification
  • Consulting
  • Digital, Media, Software, Digital TV Systems
  • IT & Telecoms
  • Smart Home, Audio/Video, Office automation
  • Documentary services
  • Ecotoxicity, Biodegradability
  • Emission (VOC)
  • In-vitro
  • In-vivo
  • Inspection
  • Metrology
  • Microbiology
  • Performance
  • Stability, Compatibility
  • Testing
  • Training