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Eurofins Biomnis has recently developed LabOnline, a Web Based Requesting and Resulting tool. This application is available from our Website to authorised users. The application has been designed to enable customization in collaboration with Eurofins Biomnis IT Team to provide a simple, user friendly facility to enable clinicians to request tests on-line. Some of the features include:

  • All requests, reports and results generated by the application are stored on the application database located at Eurofins Biomnis
  • Easily configurable tables allow customisation of the application for each client. In collaboration with Eurofins Biomnis IT team, users can create and edit code tables within the application database
  • Printing of outstanding orders from Orders List page
  • Production of reports as PDF documents for printing

For more information regarding our IT Connectivity solutions please contact us on 01276 414 522  or  labenquiries@eurofins.com