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Eurofins Biomnis, European leader in specialised medical pathology, emanates from a laboratory founded by Marcel Mérieux in 1897. Eurofins Biomnis is based on a concept of specialised biology that is entirely dedicated to excellence, innovation and technological investment.

With a menu of over 2,500 assays, Eurofins Biomnis laboratories has established its reputation for the development of new novel tests and the availability of routine and esoteric tests. As a partner of first-line medical laboratories, Biomnis provides its highly skilled expertise to all its stakeholders (both private and hospital-based laboratories) on a daily basis.

Day after day, the pathologists at Eurofins Biomnis can help both their fellow pathologists and prescribing physicians with the interpretation of results and contribute to improve prevention, earlier screening tests, more precise and rapid diagnoses, as well as a greater efficacy of therapeutic treatments.

With laboratories in Ireland and France along with 23 international collection hubs for referred samples coming from 47 countries around the globe, Eurofins Biomnis is one of the largest referral laboratories in the world.

Prior to joining Eurofins Scientific, the Biomnis Group was formed by the merger of the Marcel Mérieux Foundation and the Pasteur Institute in Lyon, France. The laboratory is over 120 years old, and is one of Europe’s leading specialist clinical laboratories, boasting 60 medical pathologists and a staff of more than 1000 highly qualified scientists and technologists.

Eurofins Biomnis conducts very rare and highly specialized clinical analyses, in which leading specialists use sophisticated instrumentation to carry out a range of state-of-the-art techniques (for example HPLC, GC, atomic absorption, RIA, viral culture and molecular biology techniques).

The laboratory's expertise encompasses all biomedical disciplines, including:

  • Biochemistry

  • Virology

  • Serology

  •  Allergies

  •  Autoimmunology

  •  Bacteriology/Parasitology                                 

  •  Mycobacteria

  •  Haematology

  •  Toxicology

  •  Vitaminology

  •  Endocrinology

  •  Cytogenetics

  •  Molecular genetics

  •  IVF

  •  Histopathology and Cytology

Each discipline is headed by a Clinical Pathologist, thereby ensuring the quality of the analytical procedures and skilled interpretation of the patient’s results. This enables Eurofins Biomnis to act as a global partner to private and hospital-based laboratories, offering specialist analytical services which cannot be performed by the local laboratory.