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What is Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing?

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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing helps employers to determine if employees or job applicants are misusing drugs or alcohol.

A drug or alcohol test can identify the presence of controlled substances, or alcohol which if present, may impair an employee’s judgement or behaviour, potentially impacting their ability to do their job effectively and putting other workers at risk.

Introducing drug and alcohol testing helps you to maintain a high level of health and safety throughout your organisation reducing the safety risks of your staff, clients and members of the public and protecting your company’s reputation.

We advise that drug and alcohol testing is best conducted when based on a clear and comprehensive policy that all members of staff are aware of.

With a Drug and Alcohol policy in place, an employer has clearly outlined their stance on the misuse of alcohol and drugs in the workplace as well as the potential repercussions for employees. Employers can also offer advice and direct staff to relevant support organisations that can assist with substance misuse.

We work across all business sectors to provide pre-employment, random and 'for cause' testing to help companies establish/review, implement and maintain an effective policy.