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Drug and Alcohol Policy Advice

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Drug and alcohol misuse

Substance abuse is a perennial problem throughout society to which there is no universal or lasting solution.

Combating these workplace offences requires an internal policing policy that is rigorously observed, well publicised in the workplace, and delivered with a light touch that is acceptable to the workforce.
The most effective screening programmes include new starters and employees applying for transfers or promotion with unannounced/random tests.

Workplace drug and alcohol policies

We are here to help you develop workplace policies that are thorough, practical and acceptable to your workforce and which fit in with the way your business is run.  We can assess your current policy and make recommendations drawing on legislation and best practice.

Policy advice for workplace drug and alcohol testing 

EWDT's policy advice is available to organisations with an existing policy framework and also to those looking to introduce a drug and alcohol testing programme. 

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