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Testing for Gabapentin and Pregabalin

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From 1st April Gabapentin and Pregabalin have been reclassified as Class C drugs, making these drugs illegal without a prescription. The reclassification comes on the back of a rising number of fatalities linked to the two drugs. Those caught in possession will be breaking the law. 

The drugs are used to treat anxiety, nerve pain and epilepsy. 

As a result of this change, organisations across all sectors need to be testing for the two substances in their Workplace Drug Testing programmes.

We already test for the presence of the two drugs when conducting Workplace Drug Testing for our clients. Our team can identify individuals with these substances in their system, helping you to mitigate the risk to your employees, maintain high levels of health and safety standards and protect your overall business. 

Individuals who take the two drugs can experience an "elevated mood" as well as having serious side effects when combined with other substances. Accordingly, employers have reason to be concerned about the possibility of staff using both pregabalin and gabapentin. 

If you would like expert advice on the reclassification of the two drugs, understand what it means for your Workplace Drug testing or help with updating your Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy please contact our team.