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Expert Witness

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Expert witness services for drug testing in the workplace

Interpretation of drug tests

LGC interprets the results of the drug tests for you, builds a picture of the circumstances under which the abuse took place, and assesses the implications in terms of employment law, health and safety legislation and opportunities for employee counselling and rehabilitation.  
Expert witness services 

We provide various approaches for expert witness, including:

  • A full written report and statement for use as evidence in court or investigations
  • In person via appearance in court or as part of investigations.

Expert toxicologists

Our expert toxicologists have vast experience in the field of drug testing. This service allows the interpretation of results explaining the test procedure from sample collection through to results.
An expert witness report provides you with professional and objective evidence regarding the chain of custody in place to protect sample integrity, a description of the testing procedure and the results.
LGC scientists have made thousands of witness statements in court, at military adjudications and industrial tribunals. 

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