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Marks & Traces

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Our scientists examine all kinds of marks including shoe marks, tool and weapon marks, marks left behind by manufacturing processes, hand, finger and foot marks including inside shoes.

We use a wide range of different chemical, lighting and imaging enhancement techniques to extract the maximum amount of information from marks and improve the extent to which suspect marks can be compared with reference marks from known sources. 

These techniques can help to indicate or confirm what substance created the mark, opening up further avenues for investigation. Marks made in blood, for instance, can be used to reveal links with individual people through DNA testing, while those in soil could indicate associations with specific places. 

As a full service supplier, EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES is uniquely positioned to recognise and take advantage of all these opportunities. Marks services can be accessed as part of a rapid screening and intelligence service, such as shoe marks in volume crime cases or manufacturing marks on the small polythene bags found in drugs supply cases.  Or they can form part of more complex investigations combining wider forensics expertise.