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Imagery Analysis Flytipping

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EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES were approached by Newcastle City Council in relation to a fly tipping incident.

The brief

EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES were instructed to review the incident imagery with a view to comparing the van used in the fly tipping incident with the suspects van in order to determine if they were the same.

Our findings

The suspects van was a business vehicle that was covered in transfers relating to the services offered, including the name of the business. During investigation another similar van was parked in the same spot, although the text was illegible on the CCTV footage and the VRN was not visible there were a number of distinctive features. We were also informed that the business had one van of this type, make and model. Taken together with the van being parked in the same location the distinctive similarities allowed us to conclude that the imagery evidence strongly supported the contention that this was the same van.