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Computer Investigation / Examination - Identity fraud

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The Brief

A number of computers were seized in connection with suspected immigration issues and EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES were engaged to carry out a forensic investigation of their contents.

The overall suspicion was that some of the people under investigation were in the UK illegally and the forensic examination soon identified a range of evidence that proved the case.

The Findings

The Internet browser history records showed a lot of activity relating to utility companies and their logos had been used to create false utility bills using a cheap desktop publishing application on a PC. The bills had been used as proof of residence, and further forensic investigation revealed that those involved had also purchased fake academic qualifications over the Internet in order to secure work in the UK. Blank copies of the fake certificates were also found on the computers during the Investigation.

Further evidence was identified of the use of the desktop publishing software in the production of fake driving licences, passports and photographic ID's.

The successful forensic investigation resulted in prison sentences for those involved.