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Nutritional Analysis

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With increasing legislation and consumer concerns on nutritional factors such as salt and fat content, it is recommended that nutritional information on packaging is confirmed by analytical techniques. Published data is based on averages and some cases limited data therefore it is essential to confirm the nutritional information prior to the generation of the label and to validate the information regularly by analysis for due diligence purposes.

Eurofins offers an extensive range of nutritional testing from our UK facilities to assist food manufacturers and suppliers with:

  • compliance with food labelling legislation
  • compliance with retailer specifications
  • due diligence and quality control
  • surveillance studies

For full details of our testing download our Nutritional Testing Flyer.

For small batches, order our most routine testing from Eurofins Testing in 5 quick and easy steps. 

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Key Nutritional Testing Services

Group 1 and 2 nutritional labelling   Major minerals and trace elements 
Meat content and added water Rancidity
Carbohydrates Vitamins
Trans fatty acids Caffeine
Omega 3 fatty acids Sweeteners, preservatives and other additives
Cholesterol Allergens

Label Check

Eurofins can provide assistance to help businesses understand the complex labelling legislation and to check draft labels against the relevant regulations.

If you would like to learn more about nutritional labelling, Eurofins Wolverhampton host basic and advanced training courses. Take a look at our training calendar to find out more.