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Fipronil testing for eggs and meat

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Eurofins offers testing for fipronil in eggs, egg powder and meat with results in as little as 3 days*

EggsInvestigations continue after it was discovered that eggs had entered the food chain from chickens that were treated for lice, fleas and ticks with the insecticide fipronil, which is banned from use on animals intended for food production and human consumption. You can read more about the incident and subsequent investigation on the Food Standards Agency website.

Eurofins tests for fipronil using LC-MS-MS and our reporting limit is 0.003mg/kg. Egg products such as cakes/bakery foods, mayonnaise and sauces can also be analysed.

Fipronil testing can be ordered via your nearest Eurofins food laboratory or from our online gateway Eurofins Testing, where you can order in 5 quick and easy steps, no account necessary.

*From receipt of sample into the lab.