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LabCred Laboratory Accreditation Scheme

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An independent validation of your laboratory compatible with International Standards.

Eurofins is a global provider of laboratory testing, advising and assuring services to many of the world’s most innovative companies. We run our own testing laboratories throughout the world to exacting standards.

We operate in accordance with applicable national and international standards and where appropriate, our laboratories comply with ISO/IEC 17025.

LabCred was developed by Eurofins to provide an independent validation of your in-house laboratory, using assessors with practical laboratory experience, where you do not need to have full ISO/IEC 17025 compliance.

Accreditation of your laboratory signifies that it is efficiently managed with an effective Quality System. It also reflects the calibre of your staff and more importantly their competency to carry out the various analyses.

LabCred is compatible with the principles of European and International Standards including ISO/IEC 17025 (replacing EN 45001) for the general requirements for the competence of testing laboratories and is recognised by other quality system certification bodies including the British Retail Consortium.

LabCred Offers
A common sense approach tailored to the requirements of each laboratory.
Auditing by experts with practical experience of the food industry.
A flexible and cost-effective fee structure.
Electronic application process.
Personal contract with your LabCred Administrator and Auditors via a dedicated e-mail address.
Wide recognition of LabCred within the food industry.








Why laboratory accreditation?

The prime reason for seeking laboratory accreditation is that it signifies independent verification that your laboratory is well managed and competent, enabling your customers to rely upon the results of your analyses.

A Certificate of Compliance to the LabCred Standard, awarded by Eurofins has the following advantages:

  • It offers you and your customer real confidence in the results produced by your
  • It assists in demonstrating “due diligence”, that you are committed to quality and that
    you are taking reasonable precautions.
  • Impartiality is assured as the audit is undertaken by an independent body (Eurofins).

Would you like further information?

We run LabCred Briefing Sessions throughout the year for laboratories to attend. These sessions are designed to outline the benefits of laboratory accreditation and offer an opportunity to ask questions relating to your particular circumstances.