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Litigation involving complex, hi-tech issues can be a long and error prone process without expert guidance and help at all stages. Technology may be the subject of the litigation, or increasingly, the source of evidence in the majority of cases. Identifying, recovering and interpreting potential evidence from the wide range of devices, requires the skills of an experienced forensic specialist allied to sound evidential procedures.

The range of cases where forensic evidence can be crucial to the final verdict is very large, from mergers and acquisitions, to contractual disputes, arson, harassment/stalking, fraud, murder and much more.

Digital Expert Witnesses

EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES can contribute valuable, professional and expert support to your case, with the right combination of assistance, regardless of technology or circumstances involved. Call us for an initial discussion of your case free of charge, and our experts will explain what can be achieved, helping you to make informed decisions and contain litigation costs from the outset.