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Every organisation experiences the need for an internal or external investigation at some point, ranging from serious fraud to staff disciplinary issues. The speed, depth and breadth of such investigations can have far reaching implications in terms of limiting damage, avoiding or containing costs, and preventing repetition of the events.

A serious data breach, loss or compromise

A serious incident, such as the loss or compromise of payment card data or customer information, can result in substantial fines and regulatory sanctions. With increasing government and self-regulatory pressures for organisations to prove they take information/data security seriously, it is vitally important that, should the worst happen, you have a partner you can trust to help you to identify:

  • who is involved
  • what they have done
  • where it happened
  • when it happened
  • how they did it

Identify the Circumstances

It is obviously important to identify the circumstances as quickly as possible in order to prevent further damage or loss. Our specialists can make use of the full breadth of potential sources of evidence, whether it resides on computers, mobile telephones, CCTV or audio recordings, and of course, documents.

Our teams will respond quickly and discretely, using all available evidence to resolve your investigation in the shortest possible time in order to limit the damage to the organisation and minimise costs.