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Incident Management

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The impact of an incident on your organisation can greatly depend on several factors:

  1. Awareness of the potential issues involved
  2. Being prepared for such situations
  3. Having definite, structured, procedures in place for handling the incidents that do occur

First steps

Firstly ensuring that staff are aware of the types of incidents that can occur, the warning signs and the potential impact on the organisation, customers and themselves, is a vital factor in spotting and preventing embarrassing and damaging incidents. Many security related incidents that appear in the press have revolved around a lack of awareness on behalf of employees. Likewise many frauds, IP theft and industrial espionage have gone unnoticed far longer than they should, due to lack of training and awareness of key personnel.

What incident support can EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES offer?

EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES can provide assistance with all stages of incident management, from helping you to draft and implement effective incident management procedures, to training your staff and assisting in the investigation of incidents that do occur. Our highly experienced specialists can help you to uncover the precise circumstances and cause of incidents, helping you to prevent further occurrences by providing advice on preventative measures. Whatever the cause and wherever potential evidence may reside, EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES can provide the answers.