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Compliance and Governance

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Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Complying with the ever-increasing raft of legal and regulatory requirements your organisation is subject to can prove to be a complex and time-consuming task. This can distract an organisation from its core business, and many cannot see the "wood from the trees" due to their proximity to the business. When an issue in this area arises, e.g. a loss of sensitive customer data, it can be hard for management to truly assess the extent of the problem, and the steps necessary to ensure there are no further breaches that could lead to regulatory sanctions or substantial fines.

EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES can help to identify the precise circumstances of a potential breach and advice on the implications to the business, providing clear, non-technical reports for management. Our forensic specialists and investigators can pinpoint the cause of the problem, assess the impact and provide detailed advice on remedial action.


Call EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES for an initial discussion, free-of-charge, and our experts will work with you to develop an action plan. Alternatively contact us for advice on developing a proactive approach, based upon our wide experience of handling similar issues elsewhere, e.g. by preparing a Forensic Readiness Policy or Incident Management Plan.