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Handwriting Comparison

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The comparison of handwriting and signatures can provide very powerful evidence in a wide variety of case types. If an individual can be shown to have written a piece of writing then this can show intent in a particular case.

Reference Writing

Handwriting comparison requires the meticulous comparison of each and every character.  The outcome of any particular comparison is strongly influenced by the quality and quantity of the reference writing provided for comparison. Ideally the reference material will be directly comparable with the questioned material but also demonstrate the range of variation. Usually the best solution to this is to provide dictated specimens on request as well as 'course of business' writings which have been produced in the individual's day to day activities. It is also important to ensure that reference writing was produced at around the same time as the questioned writing, as handwriting can change over time.

Signature Comparison

Generally speaking, the more complex a signature is the more identifiable it is. Again, it is important to establish the range of variation present in an individual's reference signatures.


Our handwriting experts have vast experience of studying many different writings. This is important as features such as national characteristics and disguised handwriting can lead the casual observer to very wrong conclusions.