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Mobile Malware Investigation

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Mobile Malware

The exponentially increasing storage capacities of mobile devices are making them a more lucrative target for malicious attackers. Traditionally cyber criminals would look to yield sensitive or confidential files by attacking computers and network systems. But in an age of a mobile devices and the convenience they have allowing versatile use anywhere at any time, has made them a veritable treasure-trove, especially with their security being severely overlooked by many.

Mobile Apps

The presence of mobile applications to conduct everyday tasks is becoming the usual such as online banking and shopping, allowing highly sensitive data to be accessed. A recent survey conducted by IDG research services highlighted that over a third of all respondents experienced breach relating to vulnerabilities in mobile devices and related applications, and a similar number with apps containing malware.


This illustrates the increasing concern that should be paid to the security on mobile devices especially when the risk is spread not only to individuals’ personal data, but confidential corporate data where companies have deployed mobile devices for work purposes.

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