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Forensic analysis / examination of mobile devices

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Mobile devices are powerful and multifunctional. They are widely used for taking pictures and videos, browsing the web and social networking as well as making phone calls. All this information, including deleted data, can be forensically acquired and investigated.

The distinction between mobile phones and computers is becoming blurred.

Forensic Analysis

For forensic analysis, three components are relevant:

  1. SIM (subscriber identity module) card memory,
  2. handset memory
  3. removable memory card.

Each is examined separately using a variety of forensic techniques.


Our experts will produce evidential reports containing all the relevant data recovered from the device as required by the investigating team. Any media recovered will be provided in CDROM or DVD format suitable for court. We will help clients prepare witness statement and, if required, personally deliver this in court. Our investigators have retrieved and analysed stored data in several different languages and recovered information from damaged devices.

Why choose us

Our difference is our people; EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES draws experts from a variety of high integrity technical investigative backgrounds including law enforcement, military, digital science and IT information security. This skill and experience combination allows us to offer leading edge digital detail, and also the natural intuitive and curious bigger picture investigative mindset for finding evidence where others may not.