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Digital Forensic Experts for the Defence

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EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES can contribute valuable, professional and expert support to your case which includes but is not limited to;

  • Computer Expert Witnesses
  • Phone Expert Witnesses
  • Questioned Documents Expert Witnesses.

EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES draws experts from a variety of high integrity technical investigative backgrounds including law enforcement, military, digital science and IT information security. This skill and experience combination allows us to offer leading edge digital detail.

We use these skills to enable us to;

  • Evaluate defence statements to adapt and develop a forensic strategy
  • review prosecution evidence,
  • re-examine exhibits
  • scrutinize procedures
  • explore quality standards and accreditation requirements


Our experts are regularly instructed by solicitors and are often considered a vital part of criminal defence. Our simple to read reports assist in the explanation of more technically complex cases.

LAA Prior Authority

EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES’ comprehensive quotes with hourly break down of costs provide you with the required detail needed to apply for LAA prior authority