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Digital And Document Forensic Services

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Digital and document forensics plays an increasingly vital role in criminal and civil investigations. EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES’ rich portfolio of digital and document forensics expertise include:

Questioned Documents – analysis of handwritten, typed, photocopied and computer generated documents, even those that have been damaged, torn or shredded.

Computer Investigation / Examination – examination of computers, servers, tablets, sat navs, removable media (cameras, pen drives, DVDs) to other networked devices

Mobile device Investigation / Examination – recovering and analysing data stored on mobile devices (including those locked or damaged), SIM cards, cloned handsets, PDAs, and media attachments

Our experience

EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES was one of the first forensic service providers to develop and dedicate laboratory resources to the analysis of digital evidence and leads the way in the formal ISO accreditation of forensic processes and procedures. Digital and document evidence analysts and investigators come from a rich mix of law enforcement, military, academic and commercial backgrounds.

Our Quality team

The quality of the work delivered is of the highest importance to EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES. The digital and document forensics unit is backed by a dedicated and fully independent quality team, comprising highly experienced quality professionals. The processes, procedures and work of the teams is subject to external review by these teams to ensure that our customers always receive the quality of work that they would expect, and deserve.

EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES Digital Investigation Unit have achieved ISO 17025 accreditation. This represents quality and standards and is a requirement from the Forensic Regulator

Why choose us?

Although there are a wide range of digital forensics services and disciplines offered, the various teams jointly provide a single, managed and unified service. We can provide professional and unbiased advice on the most cost effective and efficient method to achieve your aims and objectives.

Our difference is our people; EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES draws experts from a variety of high integrity technical investigative backgrounds including law enforcement, military, digital science and IT information security. This skill and experience combination allows us to offer leading edge digital detail, and also the natural intuitive and curious bigger picture investigative mindset for finding evidence where others may not.

Technological Innovation

To manage rapid technological innovation, we are continually developing new tools and techniques to enable our digital investigation unit to carry out precise investigations related to any modern digital device, quickly and efficiently. Our work also meets the exacting standards set by legislation and the Forensic Science Regulator, and can be relied upon when bringing cases to court.