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Computer Investigations

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The Crime, Digital and Traditional

Today, almost every criminal investigation will include a computer-based line of enquiry - from the more obvious acts of cyber crime to terrorism, murder, internet scams and indecent images of children, to the less obvious burglaries, or violent offences.

The Findings

Using the latest digital forensic techniques, we will work closely with you to establish the facts. The team can draw on experience in a wide variety of cases and can advise on lines of inquiry that may not at first be apparent. They can also draw on the other disciplines in EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES to provide a complete solution.


We can tailor the output to suit you, whether it's a written report, a CD or an electronic presentation. The reports are easy to understand and the investigator can come to your place of work to explain any issues that need further explanation.

Why choose us

Our difference is our people; EUROFINS FORENSIC SERVICES draws experts from a variety of high integrity technical investigative backgrounds including law enforcement, military, digital science and IT information security. This skill and experience combination allows us to offer leading edge digital detail, and also the natural intuitive and curious bigger picture investigative mindset for finding evidence where others may not.