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Imagery Enhancement

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Imagery Enhancement

Effective imagery enhancement can often be critical to an investigation or prosecution/defence. There are a number of specialist techniques that can be employed to clarify imagery, depending on the intended use. It is imperative, however, that the imagery is not adjusted improperly to give a false impression of the true content; hence the need for expert involvement.

Basic Imagery Enhancement

At the most basic level, imagery enhancement can be as simple as providing an enlargement of a particular area of interest, with limited contrast and brightness adjustment. Another frequent request is for multiplexed imagery to be provided in a simple viewable format, on either tape or disc, depending on the client's needs.

Specialist Techniques

In more involved cases, other specialist techniques can be employed, ranging from simple pattern removal, colour correction and/or noise reduction filters through to more time-consuming tasks such as imagery stabilisation to remove the effects of camera motion.

 Evidential Presentation

In terms of enhancement, many of our products are subsequently embodied within an evidential presentation, where individuals can be highlighted on imagery and movement's related to appropriate mapping.