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Chronological Activity

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CCTV Time Lapse

CCTV footage is often time lapse, providing as little as one or two images each second. The consequence of this delay between images is that the movement and actions of individuals become difficult to discern. When put together with difficulties of obscuration in crowded places and restrictions of detail, the untrained eye can miss crucial information.

Accurate Chronology

Our experts are able to view enhanced material on specialist workstations to examine the imagery in great detail in order to provide an accurate account of what can be derived from the imagery in question. In our experience, the most common fault in the use of CCTV in legal proceedings is untrained individuals making definitive interpretations from imagery where such a firm view is unjustified, or missing small points of crucial detail.


Once analysis is complete and the report produced, it is most important to ensure that the results are presented in the clearest form. Our experts are all highly experienced in producing electronic presentations – if required we can also supply appropriate display facilities.