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Having been a notified body as defined within The Toy Safety Directive for almost twenty years, Eurofins is ideally placed to fulfill your toy testing consultancy needs. Within our team in Manchester lies a vast wealth of knowledge and experience of all aspects of toy safety, The Toy Safety Directive and related standards.

How toy testing consultancy can help you:

Are you new to toy testing or looking for some guidance about the requirements?

At Eurofins we appreciate The Toy Safety Directive and the standards and regulations related to toys are not always simple to understand. It is all too easy for newcomers to toy testing to become bogged down in confusing technical Jargon.

By giving guidance that is in clear English, we aim is to take the guesswork out of the testing process. For those of you who are interested in learning more, we've put together a handy PDF. Register for FREE, immediate download:

Download PDF - "What is needed to put toys on the market" 

Do you have a specific product in mind that you are developing?

All toys introduced to the market require a safety assessment. Many established manufactures choose to perform this assessment themselves, a practice which is fully supported by The Toy Safety Directive. However, certain products (especially those with chemical mixtures) require far more in-depth testing. This testing needs to be carried out by a certified testing company, and our team at Eurofins will be happy to help.

  • "Safety Assessments including Chemical Safety Assessments"

Do you have a specific product in mind that has hazards outside of the harmonized standards?

The toy industry has an incredibly fast-moving development cycle. For this reason, it is not unusual for toys to be developed before there are adequate standards to encompass them. The Toy Safety Directive states that, while most toys will have first party conformity (that is, the ability to self-certify on the basis of harmonized standards) there are products whose hazards are not adequately covered by the standards. For these products an EC type examination might be appropriate (this is considered third party conformity), this can only be carried out by a notified body, Eurofins Product Testing is a Notified body for Toys.

  • "EC Type Examinations"

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