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Rapid testing for nutrient content of manures

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Manures and biosolids contain valuable plant nutrients and their careful use can save money on inorganic fertiliser costs.

These nutrients can vary considerably from the typical values presented in the Defra Fertiliser Manual (RB209). Given this variability and the increasing costs of manufactured fertiliser, it is worthwhile analysing the nutrient content of representative samples of manures and biosolids.

Typical values for manure nutrient content are helpful for general planning of fertiliser strategy, but for reliable fertiliser planning at field (crop specific) level and in order to maximise the benefits, it is essential to know the nutrient content of applied manures.

Eurofins Agro offers comprehensive testing of manures and slurries.  

For small batches, order our most routine testing from Eurofins Testing in 5 quick and easy steps. 

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