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Substrate & Drain Water

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To fine-tune your fertilisation strategy, it is vital to know the nutrient content of your substrate.  We offer in-depth analysis of all substrates, including potting soil, coir (cocopeat), rockwool, compost and hydroponic solutions.  We can also analyse your drain water using the same approach.  Using this information, we can provide fertiliser recommendations tailored to both crop and growing stage. 

Analysis & Recommendations

As well as pH and EC, our analysis includes all key macro and micro-nutrients, alongside target levels.  In addition, we are also able to provide crop-specific fertiliser recommendations, which take into account crop type, growing stage and source water (where information is available).  These recommendations can be adapted to reflect your own recipes. 

An excerpt from one of our reports is given below. 

To make your life simple, we also translate our analysis into a practical recipe for your A and B tank.