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Microbiology: Disinfector Check

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A disease-free cultivation system is a pre-requisite for all growers.  Since most plant pathogens are spread through water, an effective disinfector is required to keep your system safe.  But, how do you know your disinfector is working properly?


Our DisinfectorCheck provides you with assurance that your disinfector is functioning properly.

For the DisinfectorCheck, a water sample should be taken both before and after your disinfector.  Once received by our microbiology  laboratory, we determine the aerobic plate count (number of bacteria and fungi), and the total number of fungi. 

We are then able to determine the effectiveness of disinfection by comparing results from the two samples. 

The DisinfectorCheck is suitable for all types of disinfectors including heat, UV radiation, or oxidation (with ozone or hydrogen peroxide).