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Greenhouse Horticulture

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Eurofins Agro offers growers an integrated approach to analytical testing.  Utilising a range of techniques, our holistic approach enables growers to make the right decisions to optimise inputs, maximise yield and manage plant health.

The Big Picture: Hydroponic System

To maximise the productivity of a hydroponic system, the contribution of each individual component to the whole must be understood and fine-tuned.  We provide joined-up analysis to help you do this. 


To learn  more about the analysis available at each point in the hydroponic system, click on the links below:

 No Point in Hydroponic System
 1 Water Source
 2 Fertiliser
 3 Drip Water
 4 Plant Tissue: Nutrient Analysis
 4,5,6 Plant Health
 5  Substrate
 6 Drain Water
 7 Pesticides 
 8  Microbiology